Consumer Alert!

EPSON made what may have been Misleading Claims for its new generation of Photo Printers

If you bought or ordered an 870, 1270, or 875DC  printer before 31 July you need this information particularly!

If you are now, or might be, considering the purchase of an 870, 1270, or 875DC you should read this also..

Prints from Epson 870/1270/875DC  Printers May Not Last (in some environments) even fractionally as long as originally Claimed.. In some instances, prints produced by 870/1270/875DC printers on EPSON's Premium Glossy Photo Paper have developed an observable orange color shift in less than 24 hours! 

No current print media fully prevents this color shift without the use of after-print methods, such as: framing prints behind glass or storage of the prints in protective polymer sleeves, to limit exposure to ambient air.

Do not buy these Printers based upon representations of EPSON or resellers before reading this AND EPSON's current official website for the 870, 875DC, and 1270  printers!!

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This site is updated regularly as this issue proceeds apace. and PC WORLD Magazine have released a piece on the EPSON orange-shift.
More details on the "Full Info" page.

David Em has written a forthright and comprehensive piece on the EPSON "Orange Shift".  See the link to it on the "Links" page.

EPSON's newly released "reformulated" Premium Glossy Photo Paper is seriously flawed and being withdrawn from distribution in the US. 
More details on the "Full Info" page.

Windows Magazine still has the 879 listed as a "WINLIST 100" product, one of it's recommended products, and has not even acknowledged any problems with the printer.  This could lead one to question the accuracy, timeliness, or responsibility of reviews by them.  "Full Info" page. 

Not enough?

EPSON  New Zealand has not yet acknowledged a buyback policy,  while EPSON Singapore and EPSON Europe are reportedly explicitly denying buyback requests.
Also on the "Full Info" page. 


There are reports of Problems with x7x Prints Displayed, as recommended by EPSON, behind glass.
On the "Full Info" page with a link to it on the "Links" page.

Jon Cone of InkjetMall has included a statement on the ink problem, which he says makes profiling for the x7x printers impossible, on his website.
On the "Full Info" page with a link to it on the "Links" page.

Links to this site's content pages may be found directly below the following "open thank-you"..


An open thank-you to all those who have provided info, done research, or created content that this site references or links to.  A thank-you, also, to all those who have contributed to the reports of orange-shifts.

Additionally, an open thank-you to all those at EPSON USA and EPSON Japan who are hard at work pursuing an ink/media solution to this issue. Lastly, a special thank-you to those at EPSON USA, EPSON Australia, and EPSON Japan who have worked so assiduously, within the limits of their scope of responsibility, in an attempt to satisfy aggrieved 1270/870/875DC consumers.

All I have really done here is provide a central repository on the "Net,"  for information, on this issue, of which I am aware; and perhaps a lightning rod of sorts for aggrieved 1270/870/875DC consumers in search of a solution.  The real work is being done by all those doing research and testing in pursuit of a solution.  Let us all hope that EPSON finds a solution sooner rather than later.

At the very least I can sleep soundly, knowing that none may validly accuse me of standing on the sidelines and easily taking shots at EPSON on an issue in which I have no substantial investment; nor may I be accused, either,  of not helping directly, to whatever extent I may, in the pursuit of an ultimate solution to the orange-shift issue.

Shame on Jack Reznicki and PPA - the Professional Photographers of America (which endorsed the 1270 for Professional Photographer use, and in in which Jack is an officer) - for what seem to me to be apparent attempts to stifle the discussion of and publicity of this problem..

Full Info on the Problem
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Links to Resources 
For 1270/870/875DC 

This page includes links to information on where to file complaints, samples of effected images,  and information on protecting your existing prints.